Underground Sounds

October 10, 2006

So if you haven’t heard the new Letter To America, I have news for you. I have an underground cahapter. get it here,NOW! go to: www.lettertoamerica.podbus.com/podcasts/letter_to_america_49.mp3

and shazam! a new epsiode! your welcome. thanks Jett.


Okay, today I finally got Chapter 47 but in a very sneaky way. here’s how it went down….

Me and my friend at work are victim’s of a little office Internet Enforcement, so we couldn’t use iTunes or the Media player or it would tell us to “go contact the network administrator if we feel we reached this in error,”  and eventually when we used the internet, it took us to a page that had something to do with employee’s wasting company time on the internet looking at porn, looking for new job’s, watching video’s Etc…

So,We had 2 typists in our room and they both were fired over the weekend (how sad, they were both pregnant. Ouch!) so today the other guy I work with text messaged one of them and got her user ID and Login password. She was the Vp’s niece so her internet privelege’s somehow or another didn’t get restricted. (Nice!)

So, he logged on. I went to www.lettertoamerica.blogs.com and downloaded the show onto the desktop, went to the network…we have a bunch of drives.. So I uploaded  LetterToAmerica chapter 30 special video and chapter 47 them onto the network from her computer went to my computer pulled up the network and BAM! I got the show!

Do you see the lengths I go to just to get the show, it’s madness! I haven’t gotten all the way through it yet but So far it’s good. I like the beginning song, it’s hilarious! and Thanks for the “non-endorsement” endorsement. Hopefully I can get in contact with Jett and we’ll ahve som “Underground” material on the site? I can only hope. I won’t be posting a blog until next week, it’s my birthday Saturday(9/30) and i’ll be in Las Vegas! Okay all 5 of you…take care! unitl next time…

So, this weekend the new LTA should be posted up(CH.47) so long as Jett doesn’t dissapear again. The show just hit it’s 1 year mark, big congrats to Jett Loe for a successful podcast for so long. I should also mention that Jett’s partner in crime (I mean Co-Host) Wayne Ordinary American also has a blog (http://waynorama.wordpress.com/) which mostly doesn’t hav anything to do with LTA but he is a co-host and deserves a plug. (your welcome Wayne 🙂  ) well people, I’ve got head to bed. It seems as if tomorrow will be a lengthy one considering work and going down to the car dealership ( you know….negotiations take FOREVER!!) Good Night. Take Care.

Hello world!

September 7, 2006

Hello out there? how’s everyone doing? Hopefully all is well. So this is my first blog, I know they’ve been aroung for some time now but the way I see it, i’m fashionably late. What I am hoping for is to have another sort of “underground” or “background” to the Letter To America(even though http://www.lettertoamerica.blogs.com is basically th background) Podcast by Jett Loe, Wayne Ordinary American & Co. For all the podcast info, you can visit http://www.lettertoamerica.blogs.com

I’m really just testing the waters here, i’m not sure what’s going to happen with this but I invite you to come along for the ride. Take care for now.