Letter To America-Chapter 47 not really yet safe

September 15, 2006

So, this weekend the new LTA should be posted up(CH.47) so long as Jett doesn’t dissapear again. The show just hit it’s 1 year mark, big congrats to Jett Loe for a successful podcast for so long. I should also mention that Jett’s partner in crime (I mean Co-Host) Wayne Ordinary American also has a blog (http://waynorama.wordpress.com/) which mostly doesn’t hav anything to do with LTA but he is a co-host and deserves a plug. (your welcome Wayne 🙂  ) well people, I’ve got head to bed. It seems as if tomorrow will be a lengthy one considering work and going down to the car dealership ( you know….negotiations take FOREVER!!) Good Night. Take Care.


2 Responses to “Letter To America-Chapter 47 not really yet safe”

  1. WOA Says:

    Thanks for the plug. Good luck with the site!

  2. Ryan Says:

    Thanks for the Half way support Jett and WaynoRaMa! that was cool.

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